Reflect testing 2

  • By David Martin
  • 24 Apr, 2017

Brandon Hill, Bristol, U.K  April 2017

Duncan and David trudged up to Brandon Hill in Bristol yesterday determined to get a human mirror line working, in principle at least. Our first test where we had mirrors on posts hammered into the ground had mixed results and was difficult to control. But at least it demonstrated early on that only human control of the mirror could properly aim the sun beam to where we needed it. Plus testing this idea includes how to organise groups and even though it was 14 and not 100, it's a start.

In the eventual installation on the US/Mexico border each person will be wearing a mirrored mask, but for the purposes of the test they were simply holding a mirror and trying to aim a sun reflection back to Duncan. Recruiting people to get involved was easier than we thought. We simply marked out a line in mirrors in relation to the sun's position, and the nearby picnickers became curious and asked what we were doing. Once we told them they all wanted to get involved and seemed to really like the ethos behind the project. We were really lucky to have such a great bunch willing to help and the effect of just 14 mirrors was better than we thought.

Next time going to try and get an even longer human line and will shoot from a variety of angles rather than just from the front.

Reflect blog

By David Martin 14 Jan, 2018
We did it! We staged Reflect yesterday and it was amazing. We haven't looked at all of the footage yet but what we have seen so far suggests it's going to be great. We got amazing support from the mayors of both Douglas and Agua Prieta, Border Arts Corridor on both sides of the border in particular Laura Rios, Martina Rendon, Diana LaMar, Dave Turillo and last but not least Alejandra Preciado - future President of Mexico (you heard it here first). Also big thanks to our fantastic camera crew, Paul, Joe, Ben, John and Puspa.
By David Martin 09 Jan, 2018
We have now found our border location to stage Reflect, agreed it with border patrol and the authorities in Mexico, and earlier today decided to mark the occasion.
By David Martin 09 Jan, 2018
We are holding two community events in order attract participants to stand in line on Saturday 13th. For details please see flyers for both events.
By David Martin 07 Jan, 2018

Following 10 months of hard work we are finally in Arizona ready to stage Reflect. We have been busy pulling everything together and are applying the finishing touches to the event plan. The main good news is that despite all of our connecting flights yesterday, none of our luggage (containing the masks) was lost!

We will spend the next two days agreeing on the exact line location (already scouted for us) in the town of Douglas AZ and Agua Prieta and we are holding two community events, one on either side of the border on consecutive days, to sign up the line participants.

Very exciting phase and so great to be on location finally. For more regular updates please like our Facebook page ReflectARayofHope. More blog posts to follow shortly.

By David Martin 10 Nov, 2017
Following our successful kickstarter campaign to help us fund our project, we have now bought our flights for the USA and busy organising the event itself. We have been in contact with truly lovely people who are incredibly supportive of the project and are willing to help us liaise with people on both sides of the border. Very exciting!

We are flying over in early January and will stay in our chosen location (to be announced later) for two weeks before flying back to the UK via Washington. More updates to follow shortly. 
By David Martin 23 Oct, 2017
On Thursday our deadline for raising funds via Kickstarter ended and we managed to reach our target which we're thrilled about. We'd like to thank all of our backers and look forward to delivering a great project for them. 
By David Martin 17 Oct, 2017
We had great fun with the people of Bristol at our 'Postcard to the President' event last week where we asked what they would write to Donald Trump if they had the chance. Check out the video above to get the full flavour.

It was promoting our Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign where one of the rewards on offer was the writing of a postcard that we would send to the White House on their behalf. Nearly 100 postcards were written and it also featured a cardboard 'White House' for with a slot for 'posting' as well as Trump wigs and enormous red ties for David and Duncan to look even more ridiculous in.
By David Martin 07 Sep, 2017
After lots of fiddly details on the video e.g. getting permission from artist and publisher to feature the music track and sorting out all of our rewards for project investors, we're proud to announce that our Kickstarter campaign is now LIVE

One of Kickstarter's 'Projects of Earth' , we also found out last night that Reflect - a ray of hope has been handpicked by Kickstarter staff as a 'Project We Love' which we're thrilled about. Please check out the page to see the unique and very rare Reflect gifts we're offering and please share the link with as many people as possible. Let's do this!

By David Martin 31 Jul, 2017
Last week Duncan and David went up to Brandon Hill with the fantastic Carles Pons Altimira to film the introduction and end pieces to camera for the Reflect crowdfunding video.  We have also commissioned a brief animation to appear at the beginning which, apart from adding Spanish captions to our narration for the Mexican viewer, should be the final task. We're very excited about it and hopefully it will help us reach our funding target of £5,000.

Carles, who splits his time between Barcelona and Bristol, has been involved with the project since filming our recent Reflect mask test with the students of Ashton Park School. This footage provides the majority of the crowdfunding video content.

We decided to pursue the crowdfunding approach as it matches the overall idea that Reflect is about people and the collective power of working together. We haven't approached any corporate organisations or requested any sponsorship or grants as we believe that will ensure the integrity of the project remains intact and doesn't become compromised by third party commercial or political interests.

Once we have completed the video we will let you know. Watch this space...
By David Martin 12 Jul, 2017
As Reflect is about welcoming a diverse range of people to participate in our mirrored line, we thought it would be good to get the opinions of those attending Bristol Pride on Saturday. We decided to ask each person the same question 'What does the word unity mean to you'. We also wanted each participant to be wearing one of our masks, which they all did happily. We did a whole bunch of video clips which we will upload to our YouTube channel over the next few days. In the meantime, see a great one below.
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